The Company

Insight Business Solutions is a global initiative with the aim of providing professional service in business consulting, technology innovation and creative solution delivery with exclusive focus on Enterprise Performance Management.

Our core strength is to deliver a holistic performance management process and analytics functionality that spans the entire performance management cycle.

We enable companies to implement strategies quickly and successfully, as well as manage business performance throughout the entire organization. In its pursuit, we also support integrated business planning, performance monitoring, business consolidation, and effective stakeholder communication with a holistic perspective.

We provide performance management services as a comprehensive one shop deliverable that offers two primary advantages.

  • At first, it delivers a holistic solution that spans the entire performance management cycle, from business planning to performance measurement; by integrating tools for business consolidation, performance measurement, and strategy management with business planning process/ tools and delivers a closed-loop environment for performance management.
  • Secondly we  offer unparalleled functionality in a single enterprise platform; all bundled from one service partner focused on delivering performance management services as its core strength.

Insight Business Solutions will initiates and drives organizations in building high performance intelligent enterprise management frameworks by deploying global best practices in innovative and state of the art technologies. We will focus in the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) framework that provides organizations to implement Balanced Scorecard, Value based management, Activity based management, Business Planning and Consolidation with Business intelligence technologies.

Fostering the ability to adapt business models and strategies swiftly is critical to compete in the business. We generate thought leadership, educate the value of business performance management, High performance innovations and provide insight on how to collect and analyze the right information to address specific business goals and lead clients through the evaluation and implementation of enterprise-wide performance management systems and processes.

Company Strengths

  • Technology framework: Best practice, innovative and leading technological solutions in SAP Business Intelligence, Enterprise Services Architecture, MDM and other integrated frameworks.
  • Approach: Our approach is be focused on our client’s abilities, change readiness and transformational requirements – We believe that strategic solutions should be redefined for each of them as they are unique. We will not apply a quick fix to all as we will appreciate their reception capability more than our delivery capability.
  • Cost Effective: Cost is a perceived value of service. We will provide value in our association with clients; rest assured ROI in our services will be high as experienced by our customers in the past.

The management of Insight Business Solutions is staffed with few of the most experienced and professional consultants with proven track records in several industries.

Insight Business Solutions is well-positioned to bring tremendous value and service to customers. There are a significant number of organizations currently using Performance Management and ANALYTICS solutions to great success and we’re aiming to increase that number considerably by providing innovative solutions to demanding need from enterprise management.