Focused Partners

NW Integration BPC & SSM

In Planning and performance management systems are not done in isolation requires integration with various other IT systems for preparation, planning, configuration and execution of strategic processes. Following are the scenarios depicting integration points of various systems with BusinessObjects functions:

  • Master Data required for Planning, Consolidation and performance management functions needs integration with Business Warehouse, MDM and R/3 systems
  • Retraction of planned data from SAP BOBJ BPC / BusinessObjects – BPS to R/3, mySAP ERP at following applications components:
    • Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
    • Fund Management (IS- Public Sector)
    • Cost Center Accounting (CO-OM-CCA)
    • Project System (PS)
    • Investment Management (IM)
  • Data Exchange using SAP - Exchange Infrastructure (SAP - XI) across SAP & Non-SAP systems
  • BI reports for providing query data to Balance scorecard by using OLEDB interfaces to SAP BOBJ BPC & SSM.
  • Integration of data mining models implemented using SAP – Analysis process designer with strategic components

We at Insight Business Solutions impart necessary infrastructure based on EPM architecture of SAP, External interface tools to help our customers to integrate all strategic systems thereby reaping maximum benefits from their investments.

Remote Consulting

With our Remote Consulting, highly experienced expert consultants support rescue operations on your project, process, solution during implementation and post implementation continuous improvements. You benefit from a complete action plan, plus diagnostic feedback and reporting. All issues are tracked so that you have visibility into system status on an ongoing basis.

The service is ideal for partners/companies that require system Build, Continuous monitoring, system testing, need optimization of system performance, are experiencing interruptions in processes not related to software or system issues, or lack access to on-site consultants. The service can also assist companies that are experiencing performance bottlenecks or upgrading solutions.

Our Remote Consulting gives our customers cost-effective access to Consolidation experts, Budgeting experts and Performance management consultants experienced in Consulting, Building, problem troubleshooting. So customers can resolve problems quickly and avoid system downtime and interruptions to your business operations.

Customers can benefit from quick resolution of problems, benchmarking of system performance, and cost-effective services that deploy only the resources necessary to meet your specific needs.

CFO support services

Our unique CFO support model supports several CFOs to run their Annual budget, Legal Consolidation, Mgt Consolidation with quick results. Our Finance expert will act as the CFO representative in organsing the budget / Consol run within the organization and deliver the results on a pre determined time table.

Insight Business Solution’s Remote Consulting delivers experts for the CFO office to support FAST CLOSING of your Annual Budgeting cycle, Legal and Mgt Consolidation process, Monthly forecasting process and Performance reporting process.

We have a dedicated help desk with Finance and technical experts in SAP BPC, SSM, Business Objects, PCM, SEM and NW BI. They are focused on supporting CFO offices with remote and onsite access to Customer’s system landscape. It's an excellent way to resolve process, technical and functional problems efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.