Performance Management

Performance Management

Insight Business Solutions has been providing efficient Business score cards and Dash Board Solutions. We are a core partner for SAP strategy management and SAP business planning and Consolidation, which are the best of breed solutions for achieving the results.  

We work with the board, top management and key business units to build a forward looking, open and strategy focused entity. Our key experience is in:-

  • Clarifying and translating the vision and strategy into objectives.
  • Communicating and linking the strategic objectives and initiatives to rewards and performance.
  • Planning and target setting with strategic alignment.
  • Building a strategic feedback for continuous change and alignment.
  • Implementing a core process and tools to make it functional as a continued process.

Balanced Score Card, Value Based Management, SAP BO PCM etc are some of our key focus within this practice.

If you are planning an implementation, our advice to your team is to explore what consulting companies don’t normally speak of:-

  • Have they implemented the areas which you have key focus in?
  • Is it possible for you to speak to this customer? Was your proposed consultant key to that customer project or a key spectator?
  • Is your consultant experienced in performance management and its holistic perspective?
  • Does your Program Advisor / Solution Architect understand your performance management process issues and suggest and advice in your process?
  • Has your consultant ever designed a complete EPM spectrum – which includes Balanced score card, BPS, BCS, PM, SM? Capsular knowledge is more dangerous than zero knowledge and experience? Beware of re-implementation due to wrong designs.
  • Do they have the required business knowledge and team strength to implement this in your enterprise?
  • Do they have a holistic view of the entire performance management spectrum

Contact us at and we will be able to help you in selecting the best vendor for your performance management services.

SAP Strategy management - SAP BO SSM practice within Insight Insight will help you in identifying the correct approach and initiative for Strategy or operational metrics processes within your enterprise. You can contact and we will help you further on your strategy execution process.

Our passionate approach in building fine frameworks of strategy to run and innovate business processes, assimilate change and build performance enhancing climes is the key to the success of any enterprise.