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SAP BO BI {Analytics}

Regional organizations have embraced the Business Information Warehouse (BW) implementations in the past years as an extended process from their R3 deployment. We realize that many of these implementations will go for a complete revamp in the next 3-5 years due to the following reasons:

  • Lack of good data warehouse concept and its application in design.
  • Approach towards implementation is more focused as an extension of ABAP, which has been the major failure of consulting partners.
  • Less experienced consultants and internal R3 support teams who have shown no respect for data warehouse as a concept.
  • Business content focused implementations will give poor results as transactional. programming in R3 can derive those results much more cost effectively
  • Inappropriate design concepts for further growth in data warehouse for strategic business reporting.
  • Myopic attitude and approach used is deceiving, as a transactional system approach is taken to build a data warehouse

Many customers have approached us for a global vision and quality relevance of their investments and we have a practice which focuses on advising and building the system with superior vision, business design and technical design for a strategic framework.

Timely access to relevant information has always been critical to business success. Now it is even more important with the advent of the Internet and the resulting influx of new data sources and the business complexities. As a result, companies have amassed huge amounts of data in an effort to understand their business, improve performance, and build stronger employee, customer and partner relationships.

We at Insight Business Solution, help customers to build DESIGN CONCEPTS, PROGRAM FOCUS AND BUSINESS RELEVANCE by giving them true insights of their “OWN” Business KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) using SAP Business Intelligence capabilities.