Performance Management

Strategy Management

Insight Business Solutions has been providing efficient Strategy Management Solutions for leading enterprises.

The SAP Business Objects Strategy Management application helps you to communicate plans and objectives, align business units and allocate resources to key priorities, monitor and report on progress, and proactively take action when issues arise.

Insight will realize you the following benefits

  • Greater agility –Through more effective communication and understanding of priorities, risk, and progress you can increase operational alignment and agility – which can lead to faster reprioritization, reallocation of resources, and response to issues.
  • Improved visibility –Gain control over the factors that affect your organization by monitoring progress on a regular basis and providing easy access to personally relevant performance data – improving accountability and collaboration throughout the organization.
  • Intuitive UI – With an intuitive, comprehensive user interface (UI) that supports scorecards, metrics and initiatives management, you can quickly determine the status of an objective or progress on important initiatives, and drill into key performance indicators to proactively take action on issues.
  • More confidence in decisions and information –When everyone across the organization is working with the same data, you can react faster and more confidently to changing business needs.
  • Optimized performance –Get greater organizational alignment, understanding of interdependencies, and strategy adoption – and clearly link strategic goals , KPIs, and initiatives to employee actions.

We work with the board, top management and key business units to build a forward looking, open and strategy focused entity. Our key experience is in:-

  • Clarifying and translating the vision and strategy into objectives.
  • Communicating and linking the strategic objectives and initiatives to rewards and performance.
  • Planning and target setting with strategic alignment.
  • Building a strategic feedback for continuous change and alignment.
  • Implementing a core process and tools to make it functional as a continued process.
  • HBalanced Score Card, Value Based Management, Activity based management etc are some of our key focus within this practice